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With this presentation I like to give you an overview of the manifold tasks of laboratory medicine in a huge university hospital. For almost 40 years I experienced laboratory medicine as a clinical discipline. I was privileged to actively take part in the rapid development of clinical chemistry and on my way I realised that laboratory medicine plays a fundamental part in the progress of modern clinical medicine.

Today laboratory medicine is of importance not only for the diagnosis of almost all scientifically-defined diseases and for the identification of riskfactors in the field of preventive medicine, but it also helps to follow the course of a diseases, to estimate the prognosis of a diseases and to evaluate the success of therapy. The introduction of new biomarkers to be determind in vitro will help to personalize modern pharmaco-therapy.

With the performance and help of fast, accurate and quality-controlled laboratory tests physicians will gain time for their patients. This after all is important, because with all future progress the principle of clinical medicine remains:

Treatment of a patient does not mean treatment of a diseases or improvement of laboratory test results, but it means treatment of a sick person.

With my website and links I like to give you some orientation in the field of laboratory testing and of its impact on modern medicine.